A look Back at the The Johnny Cash Experience
Circa 2009


The Johnny Cash Experience was a tribute Broadway-quality show that took the audience through the late country legend's career, covering Early Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash & June Carter, and the Folsom Prison Concert Era. This was the shows official website.
The new owners of the domain's registration, Johnny Cash and David Stone admirers, did not want this site to disappear from the web.
Content is from the site's 2009 archived pages.



The Johnny Cash Experience 

David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience is a Broadway-quality show that plays predominantly to a new generation of fans too young to have known the real thing in its zenith.  It is NOT a cheap “Impersonation.”

David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience takes the audience through the late country legend's career, covering Early Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash & June Carter, and the Folsom Prison Concert Era. Those who see his performance will know what it must have been like to see the real Johnny Cash in concert -- his voice, mannerisms, and his band are wholly true to the legend.

David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience is the only Johnny Cash Tribute ever to be selected by the State of California (even over Johnny's original band) to play the 40th anniversary commemorative concert at San Quentin State Prison on February 24, 2009, celebrating the historic performance of Johnny Cash at the facility in 1969.

David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience offers the following performance options:

  • Full Band with June Carter Cash (2 Hours)
  • The Early Johnny Cash Trio (90 Minutes)
  • Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash Duet Show (90 Minutes)


An update: I first heard David Stone interpret Johnny Cash's songs way back in around 2005 at an open mike night at some dive in Philadelphia. Even back then he sort of looked like Johnny Cash and definitely sounded like him. In 2009 I caught Stone with his Johnny Cash Experience. I loved the fact that he focused on Cash’s work from the early years up to his Folsom Prison concert in 1968 while touching on his 1990s output. After seeing this show, my lawyer friend (and former Queens Assistant District Attorney) Benjamin Pred started bursting out in song every few minutes, perfectly capturing the Johnny Cash inflection. Hearing this singing lawyer's version of "Folsom Prison" will make anyone realize how deeply Johnny Cash has embedded into our culture.
Jump ahead to 2020. As I sit at home while NYC has shut everything down due to Covid-19, I am listening to songs from Johnny Cash's 1963 album, Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash. I listen to The Rebel-Johnny Yuma. Boy, that's a blast from the past! With chores done I can now relax to the ballad Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord). My thoughts return to David Stone and his Johnny Cash Experience. I wonder where David Stone is now. Is he still preforming his Johnny Cash Experience show? Probably with the closing of all venues due to Covid-19, he is not. Stone's last shows, according to his facebook page, were in 2018. David Stone, where ever you are, stay healthy and here is wishing that your show comes back once this pandemic is under control. I will be there if there is a performance within driving distance. In the meantime, thank goodness for Youtube


The Johnny Cash Experience

DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience

"DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience" plays predominantly to a new generation of fans too young to have known the real thing in its zenith. 

The mission of "DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience" is simple: We are an accurate, note-for-note, authentic representation of The Johnny Cash Show, without cheap "impersonation". Like the original BEATLEMANIA, the music and history of the legend is conveyed with dignity. 

"DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience" offers three 45 minute acts: Early Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash & June Carter, and the Folsom Prison Concert Era. 

"DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience" is a visible champion of compassionate causes, and in 2005 raised over $100,000.00 to help find missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway, who disappeared on the last night of her highschool graduation trip to Aruba on May 30th of that year. 

"Johnny Cash" 
David Stone


David Stone is a Philadelphia born singer/songwriter who has been singing the songs of Johnny Cash nearly all of his life. Inspired by the Man In Black’s ABC television show as a young boy, Stone soon learned to play guitar and sing in Cash’s unique style. He started the show 3 years ago, to an enthusiastic response from fans all over the Philadelphia area. 

Stone is not a look-alike or an impersonator, but his rendition of Johnny Cash observes a strict authenticity and dignity in conveying the rich, thought provoking music that made Johnny Cash an icon of American Country Music. 

Those who see David Stone’s performance will know what it must have been like to see the real Johnny Cash in concert. His voice, mannerisms, and the sound of his band are wholly true to the legend. Stone also writes songs in the same style of the late Johnny Cash. 

As a decorated veteran who served with distinction in the Army’s Second Armored Division, Stone, both in person and through his music, displays an integrity that appeals to audiences and fellow performers alike. 


Mark Shewchuk has always found "roots" music to be the most direct and moving expression of the human condition. An accomplished musician by training, Shewchuk doubles for The Johnny Cash Experience on Guitar and drums. Take a person/a people, a time, a place, an economic/sociological condition, add music and the communication begins...Deep in family, enriched by travel, good teachers and solid mentors, and blessed with the sharing of others, Mark continues his journey with "David Stone:The Johnny Cash Experience." 

David Young

David Young was born and raised in Oil City, Pennsylvania, and was educated in the music industry in Nashville, TN. His background covers many genres, including classical music. David is one of the original members of the show's cast, and is a keen student of the picking styles of such rockabilly greats as Scotty Moore, Luther Perkins, and Robert Wooten. David owns and operates Widget Studios, and lives with his lovely wife, Kristine, in Folkroft PA. Learn more about David Young at: www.widgetstudios.com. 

Rod Birtwell

A native to the Philadelphia area, Rodman Birtwell is a solid drummer with more than ten years of experience. He considers it an honor to be playing with the group of dedicated professional musicians he has found in "DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience." His hobbies include: aviation, juggling, wine/beer making, history, motorcycling, car repair/restoration, and snowboarding. He is also drummer for the legendary Reverend T-Bagg and the Fantabulous T-Baggadellics. 

Jeff Sasin

Jeff Sasin got his start on the drums in 5th grade, and his passion for live music took off in the early 90's. After several trips to the Electric Factory, TLA, and what is now the Tweeter Center, Jeff decided that being on stage was something he wanted to pursue. Sasin has an extensive background in original music, and joined the show on the drums in late 2005. 

Marty McGee

Marty McGee has been playing drums for over 30 years. He is a veteran of the Philly music scene and has shared the stage with the best musicians in the area. His experience, and a unique approach to rock, funk, bluegrass, reggae and jazz, has made him a much sought after player. He joined DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience in October of 2007. A native of suburban Philadelphia, Marty and his family live in Delaware County, PA. 

Jim Kull

Jim Kull is a Philadelphia suburb native, and has been performing on the East Coast from NYC to Virginia for over twenty-five years. Jim has supported original acts as well as cover-bands as a bassist, guitarist, lead vocalist, live-sound engineer, recording engineer and tour manager. One of Jim’s earliest musical memories is of his father blasting the “Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison” album. He still wakes up in the middle of the night with “Orange Blossom Special” in his head. He Joined "DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Expeience" in August of 2007. 

Tom McKernan

Tom McKernan is one of the original members of the show's cast. He is an accomplished bassist, with a background in country, country-soul, and blues. In addition to "DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Expeience," he is also the bassist for the neo-olde timey Fantabulous T-Baggadelic(www.thefantabuloustbaggadelics.com). His solo album, "Welcome to Jimmy Bone's & Company",is scheduled for release in early 2007. Find out more about Tom McKernan at: www.jimmybones.net. 

"June Carter-Cash" 
Mia Johnson

Mia Johnson was born and raised in Michigan but has since laid down roots in Philadelphia, PA as a staple on the City's music scene. Over the last decade this singer, songwriter, recording artist and front woman could be found headlining at venues in Philadelphia and others up and down the East Coast, performing her original, acoustic rock music. Her late 2004 full-length CD “Driver” features her current six-piece rock band. Find out more about Mia Johnson at: www.miajohnson.net. 

"June Carter-Cash" 
Dyann Mazzeo

Dyann Mazzeo joined "DAVID STONE: The Johnny Cash Experience" in September, 2007. A native New Yorker now residing in the greater Princeton area, she has been a member of New Jersey’s premier female a-cappella group "Key of She" for 6 years. Her award-winning sextet has opened for the late-great Ray Charles, appeared on NBC’s The Jane Pauley Show, and produced two CDs. Dyann is also host of the popular monthly video podcast DyannBakes. Find out more about Dyann Mazzeo at: www.keyofshe.com, and at: www.DyannBakes.com. 

"June Carter-Cash" 
Christa D'agostino

Christa D'Agostino is a singer and actress born and raised in the Philadelphia area. She has appeared on local stage and in film, and various other projects during her 10 year career. She is a regular feature on the Peek-A-Boo Revue, Philadelphia's famous neo-classic burlesque show, and the annual Philly Fringe Fest. A Johnny Cash fan since childhood, she joined the show in May of 2006